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So this week, I announced on Facebook and Instagram (see below) my intent to do a 100 Days of Blogging challenge – and guys, I almost failed my own challenge on the very. first. day. What? There’s a lot of life to juggle and a lot of things on my to-do list, and I kept overlooking “write first blog.” Geez. So for any of you laboring under any delusions that I am organized and on top of things, let me enlighten you: friend, I can’t even find my car keys or remember to take my vitamins most days.

(by the way, if you don’t follow me on Insta, come join the fun. It’s my favorite social media platform. Click the pic to go there.)


So here’s what I have planned for this challenge: obviously, I’ll be blogging some of my favorite current sessions and births, because I LOVE sharing those. It makes my heart swell to be part of those deeply ordinary yet deeply meaningful moments in the life of a family. But I’m also going to throw in a HEAPING helping of behind the scenes posts – what I’m working on in the studio, what session prep looks like on my end, my current favorite prints and products, etc; I also have some juicy how-to goodness to throw your way, like how to use makeup to enhance your natural beauty for the camera (hint: the way you do your makeup may not show up well on camera, but you don’t need to throw out your whole routine just for your session. A few subtle/quick changes go a long way!), outfit ideas for your session, how to “pose without posing”, and more to help you get the most out of your session. AND I’ll be answering LOTS of your burning questions that I hear all the time, like “how do I document our life as a family without forcing the moment?” and my personal favorite: “how do I as the mom get IN the picture more?” 

To sum up: I’m going to be sharing a lot more about me and my chaotic life, and a lot more about how YOU can get the most out of your family photos (professional or otherwise). It starts today, Day 1, and continues every day for 100 days (**gulp**) except Sundays because a girl needs a day off, y’all. And keep me accountable!! This is called a “challenge” for a reason. I’m the girl who this pillow was made for: 


Stay tuned, guys, this is going to be fun.__________

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  • BJ Fusaro

    Emily you made me laugh out loud when you said you can’t remember to take your vitamins. Mine are still sitting in the bowl I put them in last night to take them this morning and it’s 6pm. Enjoy your day off tomorrow and I look forward to reading more about the adventures of your life and photography!ReplyCancel