Guest Interview: Our Experience With Birth Photography

birth interview

If you’ve been around the blog at all, you know that birth photography is something I’m passionate about. We had a birth photographer for our youngest (the one we lovingly – and truthfully – have nicknamed “BabyDisasterFace”), and that gorgeous album is among our most treasured possessions. Even more so than our wedding album; it holds a deeper, more precious place in our hearts that reminds us not only of the advent of a person who is so dear to us, but of the moment that our family became complete. It reminds us of the depth of our love as man and wife – the things we’ve come through that have strengthened us.

So I asked one of my dear clients, Tanisha, to tell me a little bit about her story, and what went into their decision to have a birth photographer (and I am so honored to say they chose me). I’m also going to share some of their birth photography here (what an amazing night it was!!). So without further ado….

Us:  What made you decide to hire a birth photographer? 

Tanisha:  In searching for a maternity photographer I came across Emily’s website. I was browsing through her portfolio and came across the section titled ”Birth“. As i was viewing the photos I knew at that moment that I wanted to have my child’s birth story documented with photography.

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Us: How did you find us?

Tanisha: I reached out to many friends through social networking for a maternity photographer. I had many to choose from, but I fell in love with Emily’s portfolio.

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Us: What were you most hoping to capture during your birth?

Tanisha: With this being my first child, I worried about remembering every detail of the events before, during and immediately after the birth. I was hoping to have the complete story captured through photos that would tell a story with out written captions.

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Us: What was your favorite moment Emily captured during your delivery?
Tanisha: Emily was able to capture every detailed moment of the birth, from contractions to my first embrace, even the celebratory champagne pour. If I have to set aside my biased opinion and pick one specific moment, I would have to choose the photo of my daughter’s first second out of the womb.

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Us:  What was your reaction when you first saw your birth pictures? 
Tanisha:  I knew Emily would be able to capture these moments as they unfolded after I saw her photos on her website. But MY GOODNESS, the photos were beautiful!! Speechless and emotional is exactly how I was feeling as I browsed through the photos.

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Us: What would you say to other moms who are on the fence about hiring a birth photographer?
Tanisha: I was skeptical at first. Knowing that someone, other than my husband and the doctors, would be in the delivery room made me feel a little uncomfortable. But I had to set aside what short term embarrassment that I would have so these moments were grasped as they unfolded. Emily is a mother herself and is very professional in her work. If you are on the fence about hiring a birth photographer, I would strongly recommend Emily and the birth story. Her professionalism and personality help her become part of the moment. She is not just a photographer, she becomes a friend.

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