Meet Emily

All in one sentence: wife, mom, foster mom, coffee addict, passionate about strengthening families, lover of red wine and bourbon (but not together), always up for an adventure.

Motherhood is chaos. It just is. I embrace it and go with it and photograph it in my own home and the homes of my clients. Sure, perfectly posed Pinterest shots of perfectly coiffed families are clean and pretty, but they’re not real, and Real. Is. Beautiful.

I believe that there is power in making tangible heirlooms out of intangible moments and emotions.

I believe in creating a comfortable environment for people to authentically relate to each other, and I believe that’s where the best photographs are born. I also believe that having a family photo session should be fun – even for dad or a grumpy teen – and that we should be able to laugh at ourselves. A lot.

I’m Emily, I’m a mom like you, and I get your chaos because I live it too. I’d love to help you tell your family’s story of love and chaos for future generations.

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