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2014….whew. I don’t know how we made it through with all the crazy studio construction, setbacks, and the natural lag in business that comes from completely starting over in a new town. But in spite of it all, this year has been beautiful. I don’t think our family has ever been happier; moving to Chattanooga was absolutely without a doubt a wonderful decision and has brought so many irreplaceable relationships and changes into our lives.

The past few months have been crunch time for the studio as we raced to finish construction in time for the Grand Opening on December 5th. Literally 5 minutes before the first guests arrived, we were still mopping floors and putting away power tools. What can I say, I grew up in the theatre, and that’s how things get done (can I get an amen from my fellow theatre nerds?!).

If you didn’t get a chance to come to the Grand Opening party, we missed you! But here is a little virtual tour of the 600 sq. foot space.

This is the reception area, complete with chandelier from the house my dad grew up in – it’s around 70 years old. The canvas on the wall is a gorgeous 38×46 inches (totally blowing away the whole “an 8×10 is big enough for our walls” theory, because this wall is not very big). The table is one of my favorite pieces of furniture EVER, made from reclaimed barn wood. Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0434This view is looking toward the shooting area of the studio. And Babydisasterface just can’t stay out of pictures. Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0435Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0436Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0437Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0438Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0439Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0440Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0441Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0442Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0443Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0444Emily Lapish Photography studio, Chattanooga, TN

A virtual tour doesn’t take the place of a real tour, so make an appointment and come on by! I’d love to chat about doing a session in our space (the light is just delicious). I have 5 more spots left in January for newborns or beauty sessions.


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 Emily Lapish is a lifestyle photographer in Chattanooga, TN specializing in all things family-related. She spends her time fending off wild animals raising three boys with her husband, and enjoys long walks through Target while cradling a hazelnut latte. 

To book your birth, beauty, or family session, or to schedule a free consultation,click here


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  • Anna Luna

    Thanks for sharing your story. It inspires me and gives me something to dream …into! 😉 Best to you.ReplyCancel

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    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Scott Lapish

    Glad the wrapped post made it. You are right, the light is awesome.ReplyCancel

  • Adriana Villela Maxwell

    Beautiful space; very nicely done! 🙂ReplyCancel