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Today I’m going to tell this story totally in the words of Satoya herself, and in the photographs I’ve had the high honor of taking in the last year. So, in Toya’s own words…her infertility story (psssst: start here).

In case you missed Toya’s Pregnancy Project, you can check it out here. And now…Zoe’s birth. Enjoy. xo

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  • Gloria Bradford

    This beautiful experience of Satoya has brought tears to my eyes of JOY. To see that only Yahweh Yahshua can perform such a flawless miracle for the one HE loves so much. You will be a great mother not only to Zoe but to those who will have similar experiences. Keep on loving and living this wonderful life as a great family. Jason,Satoya and Zoe. Have a great life.ReplyCancel

  • Marsha Silvera

    May He continue to favor you and your family all the days of your life and may your new buddle of joy, bring you laughter always.

    Love, Marsha & familyReplyCancel