Headshot mini sessions!

‘Tis the season to market thyself. Everyone has an online presence these days, regardless of career, and absolutely everyone needs a professional headshot/profile pic/avatar. But the problem is, almost NO ONE actually enjoys being in front of the camera (I’m absolutely the top of that list – I haaaaate being photographed). So since it’s a necessary evil, let’s make it as fun and laid back as possible! On September 16th, come to the studio for a quick and painless profile pic that you’ll actually want to use. And GUESS WHAT. You’ll also be treated to a complimentary makeover (full makeup for your mini-session) by Kara Golden of Maskcara Beauty. It’s the same makeup I wear (and loooooove) and it looks GREAT on camera.

So to sum up:

Who: You and me
What: Headshots and MAKEOVER
Where: The studio
When: September 16th from 9am-12pm
How: QUICK, PAINLESS, and BEAUTIFUL, that’s how. You’re welcome.
Cost: $125
To Book: Book here!


Emily Lapish is a full-time photographer, wife, mom, and crazy person. She is tattooed, pierced, and also a responsible adult person with a full time job. She hates being photographed, and loves long walks through Target while cradling a latte. She is fueled by passion for restoration, grace, and also by obscene amounts of coffee. 

To book a free consultation or inquire about a session, click here.

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