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…Have I got your attention?

And no, I don’t mean “Don’t ever have a photograph taken of your child” – that would be ludicrous. And tragic. I’m referring to the number one thing I hear when I suggest that grown-up people have their photograph taken: “Why should I waste money on myself? Everyone knows what *I* look like. My kids are much cuter, just photograph them.”

Or this variation: “Not until I’ve lost the baby weight. I don’t want anyone to see me like this.”

Shaking my head.

When you’re gone, will there be visual proof for your children and grandchildren that you were here? That you had fun, and laughed, and loved? That they inherited your sparkling eyes? That their parents loved each other? Will they remember what you looked like at this specific season in your life?

Last month, I did Valentine’s Day mini-sessions in the studio, and it was such a beautiful change of pace for me. I got to hear some beautiful love stories and witness some beautiful relationships. And over the weekend, I got a video from one of those clients that kind of changed my life. It was from Rachael, who you may remember from her beauty session last year. She showed her daughter the photographs that I took of herself and her husband on Valentine’s Day, and videoed her reaction. And what her daughter said was amazing. Don’t miss this. From Rachael:

Don’t assume that because I walk around acting confident, that I actually feel confident. I’m overly critical of my appearance and I’m loathe to hop in front of camera of my own free will. But I get my pictures taken because I want my kids to remember me AS I AM, flaws and all. Tonight, I decided to get some video of Chrissy looking at the pictures we just got back from you. I want you to notice that my daughter doesn’t once say, “wow, you’re too white,” or “you could do to lose a few pounds.” No, she keeps pointing out how happy we are. Those are the memories she’s holding onto. It has nothing to do with how I see my reflection and everything to do with how she sees me now.


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  • Davina Fear

    So wonderful, Emily! And such a big shout out to the power of photography and the breakthroughs people can have one both sides of the camera and the gift it is to the people inside the image as well as outside the image. I love this!ReplyCancel

  • Erin Marie Kranz

    omigoodness that was so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Hodges

    Emily, you have me crying over here…ReplyCancel

  • Jeannie Lamb Tuggy

    That was great Emily! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel