Of Waterfalls and Copperheads | Amber’s Outdoor Maternity Session

So this one time, I had these adventurous clients who were willing to do whatever it took to get the perfect outdoor maternity session: trek through the woods with me to find a 100 foot waterfall, and then wade in the icy water, lay on rocks, and wrap up in flowing white wraps – all for the perfect shot. And my day/week/life was MADE. Also, we almost stepped on a copperhead snake on the way back to the parking lot (ZOMGWTF I do NOT do snakes), but we survived!!

But seriously, I am so honored to have captured this irreplaceable time in their lives, and I am on pins and needles waiting for the call to come photograph Baby Girl’s birth. Enjoy! xoChattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0002Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0004Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0005Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0003Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0006Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0007Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0008Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0009Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0010Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0011Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0012Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0013Chattanooga Outdoor Maternity Photography_0014




Emily Lapish is a donut enthusiast who enjoys living an unconventional life. She likes building stuff, and loves long walks through Target while cradling a hazelnut latte. She spends her time fending off wild animals raising three boys and two girls with her husband. To come by the studio to say hi or book a session, click here or here.  

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