Angela + Jeremiah | Pawleys Island Wedding

destination wedding photographerI was never so glad to tell a bride I wasn’t booked on her wedding date as I was when Angela first wrote to me. Her email just kept getting better and better: “…getting married in Pawleys Island, SC” (my family’s special vacation spot; some of my earliest and best memories are there – I even drive around with a Pawleys bumper sticker on my car); “…sunrise wedding on the beach…” (be still my heart; photographer’s dream!); “…wedding in three weeks…” (roadtrip!!!); “Michele Anderson of Pinkletoes referred me to you” (Jaw. Drops. I can cross that off my bucket list – time to retire. It doesn’t get any better in my world).

So three weeks later, my wonderful friend and assistant, Dana, and I packed up the car and headed to Pawleys (with some quality roadtrip snacks like boiled peanuts, right Dana??) to photograph the announcement dinner (full blog post on that coming soon!) and wedding the next morning. We fell in love with this beautiful family immediately and knew we were a part of something truly special.

The morning of the wedding, we got up in the dark, drove to the beach house where Jeremiah and Angela and their families were staying, and joined the quiet expectation of the day. The moon was just setting over the ocean and the morning was cool and dark. Everyone gathered in the dawn on the sand, and as the sun rose over the ocean, Angela floated down the boardwalk to the beach.

Everything was perfect. The breeze, the colors of the sky, the flock of birds that flew over like a blessing as Angela walked to Jeremiah, the gorgeous pink roses and succulents from Greenskeeper Florist, the organic vegan fare from Puree in Mt. Pleasant; Angela and Jeremiah’s handwritten vows, Angela’s words, “I choose us” to Jeremiah (at which point I realized I was crying). Also, this reception wins best reception of all time, because it included surfing, play time on the beach with family and friends, napping in hammocks, and cupcakes.

Angela and Jeremiah, we have been so blessed to know your beautiful family, and we wish you SO much love and happiness for always. xoxo.

emily lapish photography-1

^^ moon and stars when we arrived before dawn.

emily lapish photography-5

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  • Krista Work

    I love how you captured the sweep of the clouds with the sweep of the bride’s train/veil. Beautiful. Just fantastic. ReplyCancel