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my heart

Sometimes I’m really blown away that we have the power to preserve something so intangible as love, connection, and joy.

Seriously. Think about that. Your designer jeans won’t be your legacy, neither will the car you drove or the cool sunglasses you wore. But the people you loved – the family you made – the friends you cared for – they’re all threads in the tapestry of your legacy. A legacy that can be captured and celebrated in photographs that will be passed down for generations.charlotte chattanooga family lifestyle photographer_0294

Memory is fickle and imperfect. There are selective gaps. It fades. What remains are photographs and the written word. I rely on these things to capture what my mind might miss on its own. I don’t want to trust my memory to relay the important details on life to my great-grandchildren, and I want them to have something tangible that tells a story.

I don’t want to put another stiffly posed family picture on your desk. I want to put a visible, gorgeous story of love on your walls, in a book on your coffee table, in a frame by your bed. So you don’t forget, yes, but more importantly, so your children and grandchildren never forget their legacy of love.charlotte chattanooga family lifestyle photographer_0303

Photography is an amazing tool. And it’s so ubiquitous these days – so accessible. Almost everyone carries a camera in their pocket every single day (can you even buy a phone without a camera anymore?). But if you’re like me, when you scroll through your camera roll, you’re just not in any family shots. Oh yes, there’s the kids. There’s even a shot of your spouse, and maybe a selfie of the two of you; probably a bunch of your spouse and the kids. But where did you disappear to? It’s not selfish or vain to want to be in this pictures – it’s an actual need. Your children may not remember all the times you rocked them in the night when they cried. All the times you fixed their scraped-up knees and broken toys. All the playing tag in the yard. Leave them evidence of a life well loved. charlotte chattanooga family lifestyle photographer_0301

I am utterly devoted to pursuing excellence every time I click the shutter, every time I customize a photographic experience for my clients. I’m committed to creating something unique for each family; an authentic portrait of life. Art that lasts, and speaks, and says something true about you – about your family that is unique in all the world.

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Recently, a beautiful blog post went viral called “The Mom Stays In The Picture.” The author, Allison Tate, talks about how mamas everywhere go unseen – we’re not as young or skinny or perfect as we’d like, so we shy away from pictures til we “finish” perfecting ourselves. But what will our children have of us when we’re gone? Where is the evidence that we loved our children to the verge of insanity; that we played with them; that we held their hands and kissed their cheeks? This is not okay. This is near and dear to the heart of my passion – to put the mom (and the dad!!) back in the picture. So whether you book a session with me, bribe a neighbor kid with cookies to snap a pic of your family, or use the reverse-camera option on your iPhone – GET. IN. THE. PICTURE. Do it for them.charlotte chattanooga family lifestyle photographer_0300

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Emily Lapish is a lifestyle photographer in Chattanooga, TN specializing in all things family-related. She spends her time fending off wild animals raising five kids with her husband, and enjoys long walks through Target while cradling a hazelnut latte. 

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  • This is THE most beautiful website and passionate photographer I’ve ever seen! Now, I am wishing that I had not put my camera down when my kids were born…Absolutely Stunning! I really hope you do wedding photography, too….You can start with my oldest and follow us all to the grave!ReplyCancel